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about me

who am i?

hi! i'm penelope, as you know, and i'm a musician. the very first time i remember making music on a computer was probably around 2014, when i used the fl studio 11 demo. i remember my mom being very impressed with what i made, despite it being only made of samples from the demo's library, lol

i think i gave up after a bit to focus on other things like programming, and game development, which is something i'm still trying to learn today! but in 2018, i got into music production again, and i heard about this cool, free program called lmms

well, i say heard about, i more found it, when i used someone else's computer, which ran a version of linux called ubuntu studio, which, i guess may have started my current love for free, open-source software. if you're into any creative work at all, and wanna try linux, maybe try ubuntu studio!

here i am now, using linux as my daily driver, i use arch btw, specifically endeavouros, with ableton running in wine

oh and, i should mention, i'm transgender! my pronouns are she/her.

trent reznor, aphex twin, and c418 enjoyer